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Program Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a ParSkins Dealer. We offer a wholesale program as outlined below. We need to have a clear understanding of how you will market and sell our products (website, storefront, etc.). Note that we do not allow dealers or installers to sell on third party platforms (e.g. Amazon, eBay, etc).

Dealer Program - 35% discount. $500 buy-in.

For established dealers with a storefront and/or website and a clear strategy for selling/marketing our products. There's a $500 minimum initial purchase and a $2,000 annual target.

We'll review your submission and work with you to decide if dealership is right for you!

Benefits of Dealership

Partner with us and give your customers what they want, an affordable and reliable finish for their drivers! Make ParSkins a part of your business strategy. Our Dealers can expect the following benefits and more:

  • We offer competitive wholesale pricing as a golf accessory.
  • No order minimums beyond initial order.
  • Special request? Drop-ship directly to your customers.
  • Receive free foam board signs for your shelf display.
  • Count on our excellent customer support for you and your customers.
  • Pre-order new designs before public release.
  • Agree to be a Certified Installer and we'll drive more business your way.